Zjawa IV

a sailing ship with a soul and history​

In 2016, she crashed on her side in Swedish waters near Falsterbo, ending her life. Originally known as “Szkwał”, a rescue cutter of the Polish Ship Rescue Service, she was later converted into a training yacht. Recently brought to Poland, she is currently being refurbished and her chances for a brighter future are beginning to materialize under the care of the POLsail Owner’s House.

Zjawa was built in Sweden in 1949. Initially she was in service in Swinoujscie as a rescue cutter under the name m/s Szkwał.
After the end of her service at the Swinoujscie branch of the Polish Ship Salvage, she was handed over to the then ZHP Sea
and Water Education Center. After reconstruction, a very brave Bermuda ketch named s/y Zjawa IV was created.

The history of the “Zjawa IV” dates back to 1949, when the project of rescue cutters for Polish ship rescue was launched.
At that time two vessels with oak armor and teak decks were built in Sweden, which bravely performed their service for PRO
for 1950-1975. Their construction was extremely strong and robust, and the Douglas fir skeleton and thick planking guaranteed the boats’ high safety at sea in all conditions, including extremely severe ones when other rescue vessels could no longer perform their duties. After one of the boats was decommissioned in the PRO, the “Szkwał”, the name of the ship, became the yacht we know as s/y Zjawa IV.

During the 1983 refit, the rigging, mast height and interior of the hull were changed so that the former ship could sail under the new ZHP reconnaissance flag as an expedition yacht making her first long-distance voyage to the Black Sea. in 2015, the final overhaul of the yacht was completed, after which the Zjawa was given an ocean class and set out on an expedition around the Atlantic to commemorate Wladyslaw Wagner. On the way back, during the last leg of the voyage, the ship ran aground
and finally, returned to Poland on a transport pontoon in March 2017.

After 4 years since the accident, the overhaul of the Zjawa will be carried out by Marinitime Heritage Foundation.
When the necessary work on the hull will be done, another renovation will take place in POLsail Marina near Wisloujscie Fortress.