A yacht from the bushes to conquer the Gulf of Bothnia.


For years the yacht Sztorman was used for organizing Baltic Sea cruises. It was used for sailing lessons in scout centers. After the yacht had been lying in the “bushes” of Puck for several years, the owner of the Sztorman became the Brotherhood of the Sea
– a non-profit organization of sea lovers.

Previously, the yacht had been on land for several seasons, and in the meantime, some of its equipment had burned in a warehouse fire (including the engine and mattresses)

The young people refurbished the yacht on their own as part of the Sea Fellowship program, hauled the sails back in and set sail on the Storman

What can be seen now is the result of more than 2,000 hours of work, sacrifices, efforts and endeavors to give the yacht a new life.

The pandemic presented boatbuilders with a great challenge, but they managed to launch the yacht in July.

In the 2020 season, the Sztorman stood proudly on the Motlawa, just behind the Soldek (and what an astonishment there was in Gdansk when the Soldek went for repairs, leaving the Sztorman alone on the shore).

The yacht has already had several short cruises on the Gulf of Gdansk and the Baltic Sea, but she still needs minor renovations to be ready for her first longer voyage. And that will happen.


A dream come true – a cruise to the Gulf of Bothnia.

In July 2021, the renovation work on the Storman reached the stage where the ship became an ocean-going yacht and allowed a few young sailors to fulfill their little big dream – a cruise to the Gulf of Bothnia.

The expedition lasted 4 weeks and allowed them to see a piece of the beautiful world. The fellows participated in the cruise and the videos of their reports were continuously posted on the fan page and on YouTube, they’re still available there.