a gift from Mrs. Hanna, Mr. Dareks wife, who started the renovation of this craft on his own, putting a lot of heart into it,
but unfornately wasn’t able to finish it. Thanks to his wife, Podarek came under the wings of the Foundation and received a new life there.

Built in 1971, the 8-meter yacht, nicely named a lifeboat. Podarek began his adventure with a yacht club from Elbląg, through which, every two years he made a cruise to Wroclaw. After it had served its purpose, was bought back with a plan to rebuild it. The rebuilding began, but 2020 became a very unforgiving time for many people, including the new owner of the vessel.
Mr. Darek passed away and with him the hope of getting the yacht back on the water passed away too. Or at least that’s what was thought.

The renovation had begun, the lifeboat in a disheveled state was not suitable for sale, and the widow of the old boatbuilder did not know what to do with it. Shortly after her husband’s death, the woman contacted the Foundation, wanting to donate the yacht as a gift. Thanks to her, the Maritime Heritage Foundation finished the renovation that had started earlier, and the Podarek is now serving the Marinitime Heritage Foundation enthusiasts.