Our Fleet


Built in 1965 at the Scottish shipyard in Fraserburgh.
For 31 years she served as a fishing boat. In 2007 she came to Gdansk for the first time. Unfortunately, she sank in 2016. Now she is to get a second life as part of the School of Traditional Crafts.


a gift from Mrs. Hanna, Mr. Dareks wife, who started the renovation of this craft on his own, putting a lot of heart into it, but unfornately wasn’t able to finish it. Thanks to his wife, Podarek came under the wings of the Foundation and received a new life there.

Zjawa IV

a sailing ship with a soul and history

In 2016, she crashed on her side in Swedish waters near Falsterbo, ending her life. Originally known as “Szkwał”,
a rescue cutter of the Polish Ship Rescue Service, she was later converted into a training yacht. Recently brought to Poland, she is currently being refurbished and her chances for a brighter future are beginning to materialize under the care of the Maritime Heritage Foundation.


a yacht from the bushes

For years the yacht Sztorman was used for organizing Baltic Sea cruises. It was used for sailing lessons in scout centers. After the yacht had been lying in the “bushes” of Puck for several years, the owner of the Sztorman became the Brotherhood of the Sea – a non-profit organization of sea lovers
Previously, the yacht had been on land for several seasons, and in the meantime, some of its equipment had burned in a warehouse fire (including the engine and mattresses).


Built in Sweden in the 1970s, it served a fishing family until the mid-1990s. Solid oak construction, a 200-horsepower Scania engine and an adjustable propeller guaranteed that she could work safely in the rough waters of the Skagerrak and return home.