Maritime Heritage Foundation

Created by people with passion for people with passion

A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.

Grace Hopper

Educational offer

for schools and kindergartens

The world of ships is fascinating for the youngest ones, because we know very well that everything unknown makes most of them curious. Motorboats, cutters, container ships and, of course, sailing ships, beautiful in their diversity, become great fun and learning after school.

School of traditional crafts

for adults

Something for those who are tired of the desk job, who are looking for adventure and who want to acquire knowledge or get a taste of the craft of sailing. Tradition, passion, sea and uniqueness. These words are united by an unusual project. The School of Traditional Crafts is a place where everyone can take courses on a topic of their interest and expand their knowledge and practical skills as they wish.

Our fleet

They got a second life, a chance to return to the water and many enthusiasts who want to rewrite their history. Tradition, class and beauty in a nautical shell…