About us

Foundation’s purpose

We are a group of sea lovers.
We have a special interest in historic ships as tangible cultural heritage. However, time has made some of them, the time of glory is long behind them, and so these ships are slowly being forgotten, making way for their more modern, innovative and younger successors.

The aim of the foundation is to preserve a tangible part of maritime history, to maintain maritime heritage, and to spread knowledge about traditional seafaring. The key word here is tradition. It is said that ships are safe in harbours, but they are not built to stand in them. By definition, a yacht is meant to sail, the sails are meant to catch the wind, the propeller is meant to fight the resistance of the water and get the ship moving. We strive to make sure that this order of things is maintained and that what ultimately had its place on the water returns to it.

Join us if you have similar interests!


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